Kids Class (ages 6-12): Get Your Kids Healthy

  • Fun class for kids and will work out balance, strength & conditioning. We incorporate listening skills & teach kids patience.
  • We focus on hand-eye coordination with memory and balance. Muay Thai training is great for your child’s off-season training for any sport and keeps your child conditioned to be quicker, focused, and stronger. We have fun learning Muay Thai Kickboxing using our hands, knees and legs. We use boxing gloves, kicking & knee drills and learn many other fun techniques.


  • All Levels kids 7-9.


  • All Levels kids 10-12.
  • Private training available.

Beginner/Basic (ages 13 & up)

  • Learn the different types of punches and work on cardio training
  • All levels welcome


  • One step above Basic. Begin learning combinations including both punches and kicks.

Traditional Muay Thai

  • Incorporate all the technical learnings from Basic and Classic programs with combinations (focusing primarily on kicking).

Muay Thai Conditioning/HIIT

  • Muay Thai Conditioning is the original High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Great cardio workout focusing on core strength and conditioning
  • All levels welcome

Sparring/Advanced Training

  • Advanced Students spar with Master supervision in all areas of Muay Thai
  • Step out of the gym and into competition
  • Spar in a controlled environment
  • Get involved with IFK/PKD Semi- Contact Point Muay Thai competitions
  • Check out our calendar of events or log in to AP Production to view all events

Open Mat Help

  • Opportunity for students to receive additional help. From beginnings to advanced
  • Come practice the skills you learn in class
  • Competitive students preparing for events can come in and practice as well

Private Training Classes

  • 1-Hour of dedicated training with Master Cha: available for beginners through advanced students.

Private Group Training (5-more)

  • Group or school private training camps

Fighter Training/Camp

  • Prep training before your fight 2-3 weeks prior to scheduled fight date

Women Only Kickboxing & Fitness Classes

  • Fitness and Kickboxing classes for women only


Ages 6 & Up

Muay Thai kickboxing is often referred to as “the art of eight weapons,” since participants combine the use of their elbows, hands, knees and feet. Its popularity and success as a sport has led to it being taught in numerous martial arts schools in the country and around the world. Master Cha, a world renowned, championship award winning fighter, provides real Muay Thai training using authentic equipment.

Benefits of Muay Thai Kickboxing

Football, basketball, Baseball all sports!!!

Improve your sport performance with off season training with Muay Thai- Helps with all sports with focus, hand eye coordination, cardio- Add this to your off season training and watch your level of performance Rocket to new levels


High energy training sessions incorporate the use of all muscle groups to punch and kick pads and bags. The exercises help increase and tone muscle while providing a good cardio workout. Individuals will develop strong legs, arms, and core while burning calories and losing weight.

Self Defense

Individuals are able to learn and master self defense basics in order to know the right approach to take when in the face of threatening situations while gaining confidence.

Discipline and Self Control

Kickboxing instills discipline and self control, while improving mental stimulation. The training involved helps a person become sharper, enhancing their ability to focus and improve concentration. Children as young as 6 years old may participate in the sport while learning trust, care, and respect to lead mentally and physically happier lives.


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