“Training under Master Cha at Thai Top Team has been the best experience of my life. It’s a great workout, lots of fun, and the best people I’ve ever met.”

– Jasmine

“I have found training with Thai Top Team a great way to exercise and learn to defend. Master Cha has the patience and has taught me the wonderful art of Muay Thai.”

– Margie Acojedo

“This time last year I was one week into Muay Thai. It was so hard and I thought that I could never punch or kick the way the experienced people did. But with much dedication and SO MUCH support from every person at the gym I’m still here and I can’t imagine my life without Muay Thai. If you are willing to train hard and stay focused on where you want to be a year from now, Master Cha, Ms. Lori, and everyone in the gym will help you get there. Train hard, fight easy.”

“Amazing instruction by an authentic Thai Master. I’ve learned to efficiently defend myself & as a female today, that’s important. This is my family away from family.”

-Nicole Gaylor

“Honestly I love training with Master Cha & Mrs. Lori. Training Muay Thai is not only for self defense, but also a great workout and confidence booster. It also helps that everyone is helpful. It’s my extended family.”

-Terrence Jakes

“Master Cha is a great teacher, as well as a superb mentor. He will help anyone get into the best physical shape of their life.”

– Brooks Garrett

“Thai Top Team is the most authentic Muay Thai training anyone can possibly receive in the state of Georgia and maybe even all of the southeast U.S.A. “

– Adrian A. Lopez

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