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logo-100“Training under Master Cha at Thai Top Team has been the best experience of my life. It’s a great workout, lots of fun, and the best people I’ve ever met.”

– Jasmine

logo-100“I have found training with Thai Top Team a great way to exercise and learn to defend. Master Cha has the patience and has taught me the wonderful art of Muay Thai.”

– Margie Acojedo

logo-100“This time last year I was one week into Muay Thai. It was so hard and I thought that I could never punch or kick the way the experienced people did. But with much dedication and SO MUCH support from every person at the gym I’m still here and I can’t imagine my life without Muay Thai. If you are willing to train hard and stay focused on where you want to be a year from now, Master Cha, Ms. Lori, and everyone in the gym will help you get there. Train hard, fight easy.”

logo-100“Amazing instruction by an authentic Thai Master. I’ve learned to efficiently defend myself & as a female today, that’s important. This is my family away from family.”

-Nicole Gaylor

logo-100“Honestly I love training with Master Cha & Mrs. Lori. Training Muay Thai is not only for self defense, but also a great workout and confidence booster. It also helps that everyone is helpful. It’s my extended family.”

-Terrence Jakes

logo-100“Master Cha is a great teacher, as well as a superb mentor. He will help anyone get into the best physical shape of their life.”

– Brooks Garrett

logo-100“Thai Top Team is the most authentic Muay Thai training anyone can possibly receive in the state of Georgia and maybe even all of the southeast U.S.A. “

– Adrian A. Lopez

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